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Here are just a few of the things that we are doing here at DesignedVR to keep our customers & staff safe during the age of covid-19: Thorough cleaning and disinfection after every guest, Social Distancing policies are in effect, Smart locks that allow for self-check-in, as well as limiting contact with staff, and 24-hour support for all guests. 

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3 Romantic Activities to do in South Florida

Are you yearning to spend quality time with your significant other? No need to yearn any further. Here are some activities you can do near your DesignedVR vacation rental.
1. Helicopter Tour of Miami
If you and your s/o claim to be thrill-seekers, book a helicopter tour ride ASAP! Enjoy the city line from a bird’s eye view but watch out! Love is in the air.

2. Horseback Riding

How do you feel about fresh air and foliage? Does your partner enjoy the outdoors? Spend quality time with your loved one and horses by going horseback riding on a beautiful nature trail.

3. Sunset Kayaking at Okla River State Park

What’s more romantic than kayaking through a beautiful body of water while watching the sunset with your loved one? Even the fishes in the sea (or lake) will be jealous of you and your partner!
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