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Tips for Surviving a Road Trip

It is summertime! Who is ready for a vacation filled with adventures and fun times? 


One of the best ways that you and your family can enjoy your vacation, even more, is by taking a road trip. The freedom of driving can get you to some pretty awesome places that airplanes can’t, and it can often be more affordable than flying.


Whether you’re driving to visit friends/family or to see a piece of interesting scenery along the way, it’s easy to stop, see, and take pictures. 


What is one of the real problems of long road trips? It quickly becomes boring and uncomfortable to sit in the car for 6, 8, or 10 hours or more.


Here are some tips and tricks to surviving long road trips. 


  1. Do not drive tired, or drowsy.


It is important to consider exhaustion before you set out on your journey, not afterward. This means that you should get at least 7 hours of sleep before your journey. 


Taking regular breaks and stretching your legs along the way will keep you awake and sharp. Stopping approximately every 100 miles or every two hours will do the trick. Make these stops part of your long drive, whether they are during mealtimes or when you can view interesting sights


  1. Bring Food/Snacks and Drinks


By packing vitamin-packed, healthy foods for you on the long drive, you will be able to last without stopping at the fast-food joints – saving money.


Staying hydrated is also important. Make sure you stock up on water and other beverages for maximum energy.


  1. Keep passengers entertained


Especially when driving with children, long drives often result in bickering. An aggravation like that can lead to fatigue among drivers. Provide time-killing diversions such as books, puzzles, and games for all passengers, especially children. 


Getting Comfortable: Tips & Tricks 


Do you know what one of the main problems you will encounter on long drives? Discomfort. Drivers and Passengers sit in the same position for hours, with little ability to shift, discomfort is something to be expected. Here are some tips and tricks to make a several-hour road trip more bearable.


Wear loose, comfortable clothing


The only thing that should be restricting movement on long road trips is your seat belt – and that is for protection. Make sure that you wear cloths that you are comfortable in. 


Wear shoes you can drive in & easily slip on/off 


A few road trip benefits can come from wearing shoes that are comfortable to drive in, but easy to slip on/off. Your feet are allowed to breathe, while your leg and foot are free to move. 


Bring small pillows & blankes 


There are many uses for blankets when traveling. You can use them to block the hot sun, to maintain warmth in cold weather, or at night while driving. Folding them up allows them to be used as an extra seat cushion. You can use pillows for lower-back support or to help you sleep.


Determine desiraed, optimal driving conditions 


Other than the weather, one of the most important things to consider before you hit the road is when you will leave and how long you plan on driving. Planning accordingly is crucial.


Start early 


A lot of people hate waking up early in the morning. For road trips, however, the sooner you start, the sooner you can arrive at your destination. If you have children, it’s likely that they will sleep for the first couple of hours of the trip. When you arrive at your destination around dinner time, you will be able to enjoy a few hours of free time before bedtime.

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