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Road Trips: Travel Mistakes to Avoid

When you get ready for a vacation, especially a road trip, it can sometimes be stressful. Making a list of everything you need and packing it, and then re-packing it. Going over it in your head item by item. Praying that you remember everything, from your phone charger to your toiletries. 


Like other forms of transportation, road trips can be stressful. But unlike other forms for transportation, they can also be the most enjoyable. The open road provides a certain sense of liberation. Yet even the most spontaneous road tripper knows that without some solid planning and smart on-the-road tricks, even the best road trip can be a bust.


Some common travel mistakes that have blown up more than a few road trips include:


Not taking your car in for a full tune-up before leaving.

Road trips can be great fun for the entire family – filled with memories that you will never forget. But, there are also the chance that it could blow up in your face. One thing that can cause this is you breaking down on the side of the highway


Taking your car in for a complete tune-up before hitting the road should be the #1 thing on your pre-trip to-do list/ ritual.


It is important to make sure your oil, tire pressure, brakes, and engine are working correctly by having a professional inspect your vehicle. This will prevent you from being stranded on the side of the road or asking AAA to come to your assistance. 


Forgetting to download maps, trip entertainment, and road trip apps before hitting the road. 

To simplify things, one of the first things you need to remember is to download everything you need, via WiFi, before you set off on your adventure.


It is highly recommended to download everything from maps, music playlists, travel entertainment (movies, TV shows, games, etc.), and other trip apps before you leave home.  


Overlooking the tech accessories you need to stay online, in control, and safe while driving. 

When driving long distances, no one likes to fiddle with their phones or look away from the road to adjust the charger – this can be dangerous. It is also not uncommon that, as you pack for your road trip, to overlook and/or forget some important accessories. 


Before you start your adventure, make sure you have: Your phone charger within reach, A phone cradle/mount to keep your phone hands free and to keep you from fumbling and looking down. You should also make sure all your music, maps, and directions are downloaded before hand as well. 


Not stopping to stretch your legs often enough. 

On long road trips, it’s tempting to drive as much as possible before stopping. Why waste time, right? 


Most travelers make the mistake of not stopping often enough to stretch their legs when hitting the open road. But, there’s more to these breaks than stretching your legs. You are also able to relax and refresh your mind, allowing you to drive safely.


Driving without the gear, know-how, or ability to deal with a flat tire.

Have you looked in your trunk lately? Do you know where your spare tire is, as well as the tools need to change it? Do you even have any of these items in your car? 


Did you know that not every car, personal and rental, come with spare tire kits? 


It is important that, before every road trip, that you check and double check that you have everything necessary incase of a flat tire. If you dont have what you need there is the chance that you will need to go out and purchase the items needed.


But, if you do not know how to change a tire, then having a spare tire kit is kind of useless. It may be beneficial to watch a how-to youtube video. Worse comes to worse, make sure that you have Triple A (AAA), or any roadside assistance sevices.  


Leaving home without a road trip emergency kit.

One more thing that is smart to have, though not a necessity, is an emergency road trip kit. You should stock your kit with: 

  • A flashlight with extra batteries, 
  • A tire pressure gauge, 
  • A charger for your car battery (and/or spare battery), 
  • Extra water, some energy bars, 
  • (and) Basic first-aid items – such as: pain reliever and bandages. 


So remember, the next time come to vacation at a DesignedVR property in South Florida: 

  • Take your car for full maintenance check before hand 
  • Download everything you need before hitting the road (maps, music, entertainment, etc.). 
  • Make sure your phone charger is in reach, and your phone is somewhere that is comfortable to be hands free (so you don’t have to fuss while you drive). 
  • Plan some enjoyable rest stops, giving you time to stretch your muscles and refresh your brain.
  • Make sure you have to gear, know-how, and/or the ability to deal with a flat tire, in case of emergencies. 
  • Finally, if you have one (or want one), make sure your road trip emergency kit is stalked up and ready to go. 

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